As part of the process begun with Tbrick, Sartoria explores the decorative potential of wall coverings, continuing the dialogue between material and artisanship.

Graphic and colour shading combine to create depths typical of handmade products, enriched by a material with irregular edges and ever-changing surfaces, offering a vintage yet innovative design.

It is the matt finish that takes the collection even further towards a contrast between vintage and minimalism, making Tint a very suitable collection for commercial environments.

The eight colours, ranging from the more traditional Blanc, Dune and Fog to the natural inspirations of Sea Glass, Garden and Water to the more intense Ocean and Cityscape, in the 5.2x16 size and thanks to the matt finish that does not bounce back against the light, make Sartoria’s project clear: tradition and innovation combine to create more or less distinctive designs, where the more traditional taste of “old-fashioned” products and settings can be incredibly combined with more minimalist and contemporary looks.