Design by Tokujin Yoshioka

Phenomenon Plate is the new Mutina Edition designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. As the name suggests, it is an evolution of Phenomenon, the first Mutina collection developed by the Japanese designer in 2010. The project, in fact, uses the Honeycomb module to create a design object with an irregular and incredibly decorative surface that recalls shapes and textures from the natural world, which has always been a great source of inspiration for Tokujin.

Phenomenon Plate is produced in glazed porcelain stoneware by spreading ceramic pieces randomly inside a circular mold and then pressing them by hand. This process creates an always different and unrepeatable end result, where imperfection becomes an aesthetic and formal added value. Each product is a precious, unique piece which is delivered stamped and numbered, denoting the designer’s creative spirit combined with Italian craftsmanship.


Material : Object in glazed porcelain stoneware made by slip-casting.
Details : Each piece is handmade in Italy, stamped and signed in a sequential manner.
Sizes : Ø 34 x h2 cm

Phenomenon Plate respects the environment and it doesn't contain V.O.C.