Flower Grey Glossy
Seed White Glossy
Seed Grey Matt
Flower White Glossy
Flower Grey Matt
Design by Tokujin Yoshioka

With Botanica, Tokujin Yoshioka expresses once again his deep fascination for the natural world, its different characteristics and the poetry of its forms, designing the first Mutina mosaic specially developed for floors. The collection is produced in non-rectified glazed porcelain stoneware, with an innovative digital system for the dry application of glazes.

Botanica features two elements inspired by nature, the names and the lines: Seed, in 14x15 cm format, and Flower, in 15x17 cm format, both with a thickness of 9 mm. The modules are sold exclusively on net - Seed in a 40,5x23,7 cm format and Flower in a 41,1x23,5 cm format - and are available in White and Grey colours, offered in a super glossy finish and a matt wax-coated one which is extremely pleasant to the touch, and are suitable for floors and walls. This makes it possible to give the surfaces continuity, in which the mosaic becomes more or less emphasised depending on the colour of the grout.


Production : Industrial
Material : Glazed porcelain stoneware
Shapes : Flower / Seed
Colors : White Matt / White Glossy / Grey Matt / Grey Glossy
Nominal Sizes :
Flower: 15x17 cm (single piece)
Seed: 14×15 cm (single piece)
Flower: 40,3×23,1 cm (on net)
Seed: 39,9×23,1 cm (on net)
Thickness : 9 mm

Botanica respects the environment and it doesn't contain V.O.C.