Cotton TV.001LM
Carbon TV.005LM
Madder TV.004LM
Loom is a collection of full-body porcelain stoneware suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls.

Loom comes in pre-cut, 8.5 mm thick 14×70 cm modules the surfaces of which feature portions with different textures.

Once they have been laid and grouted, the modules are no longer legible and the surface becomes a complex combination of different elements, shapes and dimensions.

The collection is composed of two left patterns and two right patterns.

Staggered end-to-end installation is mandatory for the best result*.

Loom is sold in boxes of loose pieces. We suggest the use of a 50/50 mixture of water and Mapei Keranet during the cleaning phase.

*Installation defects due to failure to comply with this specification cannot be ascribed to the product. 3 mm spacers are necessary to maintain the size of the joint.

Mosaico+ recommends the use of cement-based grout or epoxy grout, depending on the intended use of the material. Please consult our technical office for further information.