Rose Glossy, Rose Matt. Accents Wood: Rectangular Skirting Dark Oak. Accents Paints: Chalk Satin.
Black Glossy, Light Green Matt, Black Matt – in different sizes.
Dark Green Glossy, Light Green Glossy, Dark Green Matt – in different sizes, including special pieces. Accents Paints: Clay Matt.
Black Matt in different sizes. Accents Wood: Skirting L Light Oak. Accents Paints: Limestone Matt.
Rose Glossy, White Matt – in different sizes, including special pieces. Accents Paints: Pearl Satin.
Dark Blue Glossy, Light Blue Matt, Dark Blue Matt – in different sizes. Accents Paints: Yarn Satin.
Light Green Matt, White Glossy, Red Matt, Dark Blue Matt – in different sizes, including special pieces. Accents Paints: Pearl Matt, Iron Matt.
Design by Konstantin Grcic

DIN represents a complete new way of conceiving a modern mosaic. The collection is conceived in a strictly modular logic that allows to play with the elements and offers a wide scope of possible applications, from simple concepts to the most complex ones, demonstrating an almost unlimited flexibility. DIN presents 4 elements in the sizes 15x15 cm, 7,4x15 cm, 7,4x7,4 cm and 3,6x7,4 cm, declined in a range of 8 colours and 2 finishes, matt and glossy, for a total of 64 ceramic tiles. The four sizes are modular, with a joint of 2 mm. The possibility to combine several formats, textures and colours guarantees not only a great creative potential, but also that the tile pattern can be adapted to the dimension of a specific wall or floor. DIN also develops into the third dimension, offering a range of elements for angles and profiles that allow to create innovative architectural solutions and furnishing.

Production : Industrial
Material : Glazed pressed body
Nominal Sizes : 15x15 cm / 7.4x15 cm / 7.4x7.4 cm / 3.6x7.4 cm
Thickness : 9 mm
Specification : 
• 8 colors : White, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Rose, Red

• 2 finishes : Matt and Glossy
• The Elements in sizes 7.4x7.4 cm and 3.6 x 7.4 cm are both sold on net 30.2x30.2 cm*

DIN is created with full respect for the environment: the base tile body is free from V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) and substances on the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) list and Restricted Substances Declaration, and the packaging is fully recyclable. Like all Mutina collections, the elements are extremely hygienic, durable, resistant and recyclable.