Laguna Scuro - Laguna Chiaro
Mosaico Laguna B
Laguna Chiaro - Laguna Medio
Mosaico Laguna A
Laguna Chiaro
Vetro Scuro
Project by Opificio Ceramico

The collection Murano combines surfaces, geometries and materials that marry one another. Just as for the collection Venezia, water is the star in the colours and shades that move space in an undefined way.

The article Laguna is made from the innovative NeoClay™ body that is coloured all through in constantly differing percentages to obtain a surface that is in continuous movement. Although the three colours are laid together, they blend perfectly and create a single language. The edges are finished and softened by hand and make each item a joy to touch. The high technical performance makes Laguna ideal for all types of use, both indoors and outdoors from the intimacy of the family bathroom, to the heavy-duty footfall of public spaces and maintains the product’s solidity and craftsmanship. The sizes, rectangular, triangular and trapezoid, offer the possibility of personalizing tiling and are perfect for all settings.

The article Vetro (glass), the byword for Murano and its hand-cut glass mosaics, is a set of vitreous tessera tiles coloured white or aquamarine. These pieces, always differents, create interaction between light and shade, and reflect the bottom with their transparency and light. Vetro is suitable for wall and floor coverings and combine with Laguna to alternate the brilliance of the tessera tiles with the softness of the stoneware.


Project : Opificio CeramicoTM – 2019
Material : Glazed Porcelain Stoneware
Features : Handmade
Production : Artisanal extruded
Thickness : 9.5 mm
Use : Floor and wall (indoor and outdoor)
Shade variation : Slight variation
Colors : Rialto Chiaro, Rialto Scuro, Lido, Fondaco Chiaro, Fondaco Scuro, Calle Chiaro, Calle Scuro, Lido
Sizes : 80x160mm, 160x160mm