Clear 30x270
Almond 30x270
Coal 30x270
Natural Wood in Ceramics

Eos is essence, matter; it is the return to the natural world, to the origin of all things. All the subtleties of natural wood have been taken care of to inspire a refined and elegant material. This collection is nature for the five senses, because it transmits serenity and calmness. Eos presents two large rectangular formats, 30×270 cm, 20×180 cm and 20×120 cm, reminiscent of he extensive forests of northern Canada; that, together with the four sober tones presented by the series, modularly complete the Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces set.


Color Body Porcelain
Rectified / Destonified V.2
Natural Finish / Anti-slip Finish

Nº Designs By Format : 30x270: 21 / 20x180: 39 / 20x120: 39

Available Colours : 
Clear / Almond / Cognac / Coal